Lodge of Perfection

Bruce Rick KCCH
Venerable Master

Jeff Matson
Senior Warden

David Amaral
Master of Ceremonies

Mark Alonzo

Ian Jackson
Asst. Expert

Bill Taylor
Captain of the Host

Chapter of Rose Croix

Peter Champion 32°
Wise Master

Larry Bogatz
Senior Warden

Dexter Pehle
Junior Warden

Raul Anon
Master of Ceremonies

Calvin Peterson

Raul Anon
Asst. Expert

Cliff Dobbins
Standard Bearer

Myron Shann
Guardian of the Temple


J C. Knapp 33°

Peter Champion

John Risdon

John Woodruff
Master of Ceremonies

June Longcob

Allen Garrison

Jay Lockwood
Asst. Expert

Tom Main
Captain of the Guard

Council of Kadosh

Jeff Matson 32°

Don Goldberg
1st Lt. Commander

J.C. Knapp
2nd Lt. Commander

Floyd Griffin
Master of Ceremonies

Robert Sachs

Ray Holgate

Scott Doyle

Bill Anderson
1st Deacon

Ron Stern
2nd Deacon

Syd Walker
Bearer Beausant

John Welty
Bearer of the White Standard

Dave Cheseboro
Bearer of the Black Standard

Dean Clark
Lt. of the Guard

All the Bodies

Ill. Maurice Sourmany, 33º, / Personal Representative of S.G.I.G

Scott M. Wenz, 32º, KCCH / Treasurer

Ill. E. Floyd Griffin, 33° / General Secretary

Lawrence E. Cook, 32° KCCH / Almoner

Ill. Harlan L. Gurney, 33° / Prelate

John D. Woodruff, 32° / Orator

Ill. J.C. Knapp, 33° / Director of Work

Ill. J.C. Knapp, 33° / Lompoc Asst. Almoner

Paul D. Erickson, 32° / Santa Maria Asst. Almoner

Ill. William Edwards, 33° / SLO Asst. Almoner

Larry J. Bogatz, 32° / Asst. Almoner

John M. Rison, 32° / Tiler


To become a Scottish Rite Mason you only need to be a member of a regular Masonic lodge and sign a petition to join the Santa Barbara Scottish Rite Bodies. You may call 805-965-6100 or write to the Santa Barbara Scottish Rite at 16 East Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 for full information. After signing your petition and a short meeting with one or two of our members your petition will be considered at a meeting of the Bodies. Shortly thereafter you will take the degrees of the Scottish Rite and join the great fellowship of the Scottish Rite.

Call Maurice Sourmany, Membership Chairman, to receive more information about the Scottish Rite. Why not make that telephone call now?

Or, download the Membership file below.

Download Application